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Winter Dry Skin: Good Skin Care Is Important

Dry skin is a common problem that happens to many people. To some extent, everyone has dry skin or the appearance of dry at some time, with winter being the worse. For winter dry skin, skin care is very important to prevent or help with “winter itch”. This problem happens to people of all ages as well as people that don’t usually have dry skin. It occurs because the humidity is low in the wintertime, thus drying out our skin.

Dry skin has an appearance all its own. The lines that are normally in the skin suddenly are more visible and the skin will feel dull, flaky or rough. Dry skin may appear on the face, but the most common places in the winter are arm, legs and feet. Although you may notice of parts of the body, these are the most often affected by winter dry skin. Skin care on a regular basis can help with this problem. This dry skin is often referred to as “asteatosis” or “xerosis”.

Most people with dry skin need to begin a moisturizing regimen for their winter dry skin. Skin care is vital to try to get back some of the oils lost in your skin in the winter months. Although many people suffer from dry skin, many aren’t aware of the actual causes of dry skin. The outer layer of our skin is a lot like Saran Wrap is when we use it to cover food. The Saran Wrap prevents the food from drying out just as the outer layer of our skin (stratum corneum) prevents our skin from drying out by retaining our water and natural oils. Some of the things that remove water and natural oils from our skin are harsh chemicals, overexposure to the sun, skin diseases and the natural aging process. Some of these things, with the exception of the natural aging process can be avoided. One of the main causes of this loss of water and natural oils is winter dry skin. Skin care is important, however, even before winter comes.

The use of a good moisturizing lotions or soap is great for winter dry skin. Skin care for dry skin can also be helped by avoiding long baths and showers and using warm rather than hot water. There are many different moisturizers on the market. Some well-known brands are Vaseline, Oil of Olay, Aveeno, Neutrogena and Cetaphil. A general good rule is if it feels greasy, it just might work. Some of the different types of moisturizers are ointment moisturizers, cream moisturizers, oil moisturizers and lotion moisturizers. Lotion moisturizers are the most popular for winter dry skin. Skin care is easy with lotions moisturizers you can apply daily. You may need to use a trial and error method until you find the product that you like and one that works best for you.

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