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Why Try Organic Skin Care?

It seems like everything is going organic these days. You can get not just fruits and vegetables but meat and dairy products that are made without added chemicals, hormones, and other unnatural ingredients. The choice to avoid ingesting these things may be obvious but why be worried about organic skin care? After all isn’t there a difference between ingesting unnatural ingredients and just putting certain items on your skin?

It’s tempting to think that there’s no reason to try organic skin care because we often think that the skin is so thick that nothing we put on it will be actually absorbed into our system. In reality this is relatively true; one of the main functions of the skin is to protect the body from pollutants, dust, dirt, and other elements in the atmosphere. But there are reasons why you should consider organic skin care despite this. One is that no matter how thick the skin is, what we put on it can be absorbed into the bloodstream through the skin’s pores, hair follicles, and sweat glands all of which are like tiny openings in the skin. Much of what we put on our skin does evaporate or gets rubbed off but some of it can be absorbed into the body through these tiny openings. So you see that being worried about what you’re ingesting in your body is a good reason to consider organic skin care; there are other reasons as well.

Another good reason to consider organic skin care is that most people have very sensitive skin whether they’re aware of it or not. You might not think your skin is sensitive because it doesn’t always hurt when you touch it or clean it but most people have a certain level of sensitivity to products they put on their face. The reasons for this sensitivity are the added ingredients that you don’t find in organic skin care, namely, fragrances, dyes, perfumes, preservatives, and things such as these.

Many people also find that organic skin care products do much better for their skin than other products because they’re made from natural products that interact better with the skin. While many products you purchase at retail stores and pharmacies are quite good and do the job they’re designed to do, remember that the skin just isn’t meant to be loaded up with artificial products and chemicals. Humans are organic product so why wouldn’t we respond better to organic skin care products?

Sometimes we’re afraid to shop for organic skin care products because we assume that they’re going to be more expensive but this just isn’t the case. Usually these products are just as affordable as their counterparts and as readily available as well. You can find many choices online or in your favorite department store. So whether you have acne prone skin, dry skin, sensitive skin, or even normal skin, why not try some organic skin care products; they’re natural, affordable, and usually work even better than other products.

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