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Why Men Need Skin Care

Fables and mythologies have always talked about women going in for elaborate beauty treatments and pampering themselves to the hilt. This is perhaps the reason why our minds have been conditioned to associate the term skin care only with women.

On the contrary, the fact remains that God has bestowed each of the human beings with the same skin structure, but with different hormonal set-ups. This is the main reason we tend to ignore skin care in men as against that in women. Men’s skin needs an equal, even at times, a greater amount of care due the increased amount of exposure they have to the external atmosphere.

Besides, men, in general do not tend to use as many specialized products as women, which is the main reason why their skin often gets rough and unkempt. To talk of the least, at the least the famous 3-step regimen has to be followed religiously to maintain the basic health of the skin.

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