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When To Worry About Acne

Acne has come from being a mere teenage concern to almost an epidemic today. With increased beauty awareness, even the adolescents do not want to live with this menace anymore and want to do all they can to save themselves from acne.

If you too are prone to suffer from this skin problem, then first determine your skin type. Chances are that you have an oily skin or a normal one. Whatever your skin type is, it is alright to have a pimple or two now or then. But you really need to worry when you are developing a new pimple, papule or even a couple of new blackheads everyday.

If every morning you get up and see a few new spots, that too with a scary red color, its time you took note. Stop using any faulty soaps and cosmetics right away and consult a good dermatologist. If you do not attend to them in time, acne can actually lead to more serious skin diseases, curing which will then be a major task.

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