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What You Must Have For Good Skin Care

Having a good skin care routine is very important if you want skin that is not only healthy but that looks radiant and attractive as well. While some people seem to have been born with or blessed with beautiful skin virtually everyone can have beautiful and radiant skin if they simply follow a good skin care regimen. So what are some things you need to keep in mind to keep your skin clear and healthy?

For one thing every good skin care routine means cleaning your skin but you need to be mindful of what product you use, how often you clean, and how you clean. Using bath soaps or really any type of soap on your face is probably just going to dry it and cause redness, flaking, and irritation. These soaps have ingredients that are just too harsh for your face. Instead you should always use a very gentle cleanser made specifically for cleaning your face and may even want to try something for sensitive skin whether you think your skin is sensitive or not. Keep in mind that good skin care means not punishing your face or being too harsh with it; you need to be gentle when you cleanse. This also means not overdoing it as to how often you clean. Usually one good thorough cleaning at night is all that’s needed, and a slight use of a toner in the morning to clear up any oil is sufficient. Cleaning more than this is going to strip your skin of natural oils and other essential elements; good skin care will leave these in place as they’re necessary for your skin to remain soft and supple. And when you clean be sure to be gentle whether you use a cloth, your fingers, or anything else. Skin on the face is very prone to irritation if it’s pulled, scraped, or is otherwise handled roughly.

Another part of good skin care is moisturizing. You should always, always moisturize at night. This is because the body renews and heals itself during sleep so moisturizing before bedtime helps this process along. Adding a moisturizer in the morning is also part of good skin care because a moisturizer acts as a barrier between your skin and the harsh elements in the environment around us, including pollution, dirt and dust, and other irritants.

An exfoliating agent is also part of good skin care; exfoliating simply removes the top layer of skin and with it some dead skin cells and other elements that make your skin look unhealthy and sallow. As with cleaning you don’t want to exfoliate too often as this will also irritate the skin. A good skin care routine usually means exfoliating once or twice per week; if you do this any more often than this you want to be sure to use a very gentle product.

If you apply all these tips for a good skin care routine you’re sure to have skin that is healthy and that really radiates!

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