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What Is Strivectin Skin Care And How Do You Use It?

Strivectin skin care was first introduced by Klein-Becker, the exclusive distributor for these products, in 2002. It was developed originally to help repair stretch marks. However, the Strivectin skin care has grown in popularity since then as an anti-wrinkle cream. Today there are a couple of different skin care products that are made by Strivectin such as Strivectin-SD eye cream and Strivectin-HD hand cream. So how do these skin care products work?

Strivectin skin care uses a unique thermophyllic formula that is specifically designed to help with wrinkle problems. It targets the dermal epidermal junction or DEJ, which is a very thin layer of cells that are found between the dermis epidermis. It has been shown in clinical studies that DEJ is responsible for forming wrinkles. As you get older the DEJ will get flatter and flatter and the bonds between the dermis and the epidermis will weaken. Strivectin helps to strengthen the bonds and structure integrity of the DEJ by penetrating the deep wrinkles to the base.

Strivectin skin care is something that a lot of people are using because it gets rid of the dreaded wrinkles. It is known for increasing the collagen I synthesis in your body by about 11%. It is also known for reducing your wrinkles by almost 60%. For a lot of women, these skin care products have become a miracle worker. This anti-aging cream can be used in either the cream form or it can be used as a serum. It is up to you how it is used.

So how are you supposed to use it so that it is effective on your wrinkles? You want to apply the Strivectin skin care to the affected area and start massaging it into your skin. This will help to release the chemicals that will start repairing your skin. It is important that you apply Strivectin on your wrinkles twice a day and leave it on for five minutes. Within a month you will start to see visible changes. This skin care is best used on the neck region and the face. You can use the hand cream to remove wrinkles on the hands. You don’t want to use it anywhere else on your body until you have talked to a dermatologist about it.

It is very important that you use the Strivectin skin care on a regular basis. You don’t want to use it just when you remember to. You have to use it every single day if you want it to be effective. Otherwise, you won’t have any luck getting rid of your dreaded wrinkles. You can start to look younger but that is only if you are willing to apply these skin care products every day and don’t miss any. You will be very glad you did when you are able to visibly see that you have younger looking skin.

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