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What Is Plaque Psoriasis?

The best way to understand what is plaque psoriasis is to learn about its characteristics and common symptoms. There no doubts however that the answer to the question ‘what is plaque psoriasis?’ can be found in the fact that it is among the most common forms of psoriasis, that for long was even once equated with suffering from leprosy. As for characteristics of this skin disorder; patients are known to experience stable as well as slow growing plaques that won’t change even after considerable periods of time.

Which Parts Does It Affect?

You can also find a solution to the problem ‘what is plaque psoriasis?’ by looking at the areas of the body that are affected by this skin disorder. In fact, the most commonly areas affected by plaque psoriasis include the knees, elbows as well as gluteal cleft and also the scalp. Furthermore, your quest to understand exactly ‘what is plaque psoriasis?’ will also require that you learn more about the different symptoms of this condition.

Normally, when a person develops plaque psoriasis he or she will notice that their skin turns extremely dry and there could also be a few other symptoms such as painful skin, itchy skin as well as cracking of the skin. The affected areas generally tend to get covered by silver colored flaky skin that, when it builds up, causes scales to form which are nothing but skin cells that have died on your skin. Furthermore, these scales tend to become lose and will shed away (constantly) from the plaque on your skin.

According to figures on plaque psoriasis, it has been found that this condition affects as many as eighty percent of all those who have already developed some form of psoriasis or the other. The definitions of plaque psoriasis each state that this is the most common of all forms of psoriasis and the condition is also typically characterized as raised lesions that have a red colored base and which is also covered by silver colored scales.

Another way of understanding what is plaque psoriasis is to know the triggers that make this skin disorder occur and which can also lead to converting plaque psoriasis into other forms of psoriasis including pustular psoriasis. Sometimes, one form of psoriasis disappears only to be replaced by another form of psoriasis. In any case, in regard to different types of psoriasis, plaque type psoriasis is the most common and it is known to affect between seventy-five to eighty percent of all patients suffering from psoriasis.

So, if you notice inflamed, raised as well as red lesions that are covered by silver colored scales and these occur near the knees, elbows, lower back or the scalp; these should tell you that what you are suffering from is nothing but plaque psoriasis.

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