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What Is An Oily T-Zone?

An oily T-zone is basically a typical characteristic of the combination skin. For an introduction, a combination skin is an oily and dry skin combined, with their basic features.

Some experts comment that combination skin is in fact carries the worst features of an oily and a dry skin. A T-zone essentially defines the nature of dry skin. The T-zone basically comprises of the nose, forehead and chin, along with a dry panel consisting of cheeks, mouth and areas around the eyes. Generally, it is almost always known as an oily T-zone, as it is in with people having a combination skin.

Individuals having an oily T-zone have to be very particular of their skin care regimen, especially the part of cleansing. A stringent cleaning procedure with a medicated soap and lukewarm water has to be carried out. This should ideally be followed by a suitable moisturiser, especially suited to the combination skin.

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