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Various Ways To Prevent Skin Picking

The most common yet strangest type of disorder is skin picking. Dermatilloma affects many people in the world, about 5 percent of the total population have it. A person may have to review all aspects of his life if he or she has a skin picking disorder. It may cause a person to be detached from society and become a recluse in the house to avoid office, work and other social engagements. From a physical point of view, this can lead to permanent scarring, gangrene and even disfiguration. Fortunately there are different treatments to stop skin picking. The following are some basic ways to control and treat skin-picking disorder.

• Figure out what is the cause that urges the person to pick his or her skin. Try to remember the situation and the time when skin picking occurs. For instance, stress caused a person to pick his or her skin, it is important to take a note of the situation and next time, avoid similar incidences to prevent stress.

• It is important to try to control emotions and stress. Try acquiring knowledge about breathing and relaxation techniques to prevent stress from taking over. Also, you can meditate, take a stroll in the park or listen to relaxing music when you feel stressed or anxious.

• Nails must be short and the hands should be constantly moving. Most of the time skin pickers unconsciously pick just through boredom. Make use of therapeutic hand toys, like stress balls, so that hands won’t remain idle. Maintaining short nails will prevent the person from further damage and skin infection.

• Talk to someone. Stay positive. Take Action. Try building a support group composed of friends and family so they can ask the person to remind them to stop picking. If there is an aura of positivity, and confidence, then this issue will be licked in no time. It ‘s time to take action against skin picking because this is the key to permanently stopping it. Once you decide to stop, you can take it to the next level and focus on the course of action to cure your disorder.

Simple techniques are available to combat skin picking. Better consult a doctor if one has dermatillomania.

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