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Using Oral Medication For Psoriasis: Know What Your Options Are

Using oral medication for psoriasis is a great option if you are dealing with the psoriasis skin condition. Before you go ahead and find a medication for psoriasis, you are going to need to learn more about the skin condition and what it involves.


Psoriasis is an inflammatory skin condition, of which there are five different types. Plaque psoriasis is the most common type of psoriasis, and no matter what type of psoriasis you suffer from, you need to be aware that it is a chronic, meaning lifelong, condition that there is currently no cure for.

It can range from being mild to severe, and although there are no causes of psoriasis necessarily, there are certain triggers that can affect the psoriasis and cause your skin to break out.

Oral Medication for Psoriasis

If you are suffering from psoriasis there are a few different treatment options that you have, but the oral medication for psoriasis is the most popular of all. There are oral medications available to use no matter where the psoriasis is on your body, including scalp psoriasis medication.

One type of oral medication for psoriasis that you can use are the cyclosporines, which are drugs that were developed to suppress the immune systems in transplant patients, but which have also proven to be effective for the psoriasis skin condition.

One of the biggest disadvantages to these drugs is that they suppress the immune system, and they can actually end up causing kidney damage as well.

There is also the Tegison medication for psoriasis that is a vitamin A derivative and which is an oral retinoid that is used for the more difficult to treat psoriasis cases.

Remember that there are advantages and disadvantages to all the different medications out there, which you are going to want to be aware of and weigh out in order to find the right one for you. It often takes psoriasis a lot of trial and error before they find a medication that works for them, so you really need to have patience here and stay positive.

Also be aware that whenever you are taking oral medications there are usually some side effects that will be experienced, and so you really need to realize this and expect it in case you do happen to experience them yourself. Often times the symptoms will be quite bad but if the medication is working and treating your psoriasis, it will be worth it.

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