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Using Almonds For Your Skin

Even in today’s age of massive commercial skin care products and preparations, nothing really beats the effectiveness of natural products and their qualities. Almonds are one such rich source of nourishment, which are yet to be surpassed by any similar product of the commercial nature.

To begin with, almonds are known to have an extremely soothing effect on the skin. Especially for elderly people, almonds come as a boon as they have a very gentle tightening effect on the skin. In fact, quite a few of the face creams have almonds as one of the main ingredients.

Apart from having a soothing effect, almonds are also known to be a mild belching agent. It is this reason they are often used in creams meant for treating dark under-eye circles and other spots and scars on the face. Whether used in the form of creams, lotions or even used raw in homemade packs, almonds are a wonderful nourishing agent, especially for the facial skin.

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