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Understanding Skin Picking Depression

Compulsive Skin Picking or also known as dermatillomania is the constant picking, scratching or biting of skin to the point of tissue damage.

Initially, it is perceived to be a result of poor hygiene but they are unaware that there are neurological repercussions connected with this condition.

This condition manifest itself during a person’s teen years, up to his or her 20’s. This occurs because of a person’s conscious response to anxiety or depression, but more often than not it is done as an unconscious habit. Skin-picking disorder, usually goes hand-in-hand with an existing psychiatric disorder. The common psychological disorder connected with CSP are anxiety and depression disorders particularly of the obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD).

Skin picking depression is caused by high levels of stress, anxiety, or depression resulting to the urge to constantly pick the skin. Skin picking gives a soothing and calming effect to the person. However, this unconscious habit of picking the skin is a form of self-mutilation that may lead to serious skin damage. The most common skin injuries are bleeding, bruising and infection. Skin picking may lead to permanent disfigurement hence social life and relationships will be affected. Sufferers will try and do everything to hide the damaged skin by wearing thick make-up and clothes to cover the scars. In serious cases, sufferers even avoid going to social events all together to hide their condition from others.

Skin picking depression is readily treated these days. The treatment relies on the cause and awareness level of the sufferer.

This disorder can be treated with psychotherapy because according to them, it stems from a psychological disorder. The approaches can be two-pronged, the Habit Reversal Training, and Exposure and Responsive Prevention.

Skin picking depression can also be treated by OCD medications. Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors, which include fluxetine, setraline, and paroxetine are the drugs that are utilized for CSP.

Research identifies that therapy is successful in combating depression that causes the urge to skin pick. Treating neurotic excoriation is easy. Better get a consultation with a psychiatrist or psychologist first.

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