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Top 10 Skin Care Tips For A Youthful And Wrinkle-Free Skin

Many of us crave to remain youthful. We yearn to have a smooth and juvenile skin. Having a bracing and charming skin is very much possible with a bit of regular and intent skin care. Go through the skin care tips below and adhere to those simple tips to enjoy a vernal skin texture for long.

Cleanse Your Skin

Clean your skin surface using lukewarm water twice daily. Don’t cleanse too often and don’t spend too much time in cleansing the skin with water for that might render a dry skin. Start with the hairline. Don’t use strong scented bar soaps for cleansing. Use mild creamy soaps to remove the dirt that is clogging the pores of your skin.

Use Moisturizers

Commercial moisturizing products often have chemicals and additives in large amounts. However, go through articles on skin care tips and get to know your skin type and resort to the usage of moisturizing creams based on your skin type and your age. If your skin is dry opt for moisturizers that have hyaluronic acid, glycerin and dimethicone. In case if you have an oily skin, then look for products that are rich in non pore clogging and oil free constituents. For any other skin type, moisturizers based on ‘stick with gel’ formulas are of great help.

For those of you who suffer from acne, research online on the acne skin care tips and get rid of it soon. Don’t bug out the acne since it tends to spread all over your skin with ease.

Exfoliation Helps Lot

Yet another highly essential skin care tip is the process of wiping out the dead cells on the skin surface. Regular exfoliation helps in the removal of dead cells on the surface of the skin and regeneration of new cells that would in turn make you look very young and attractive. Milk products, wine, sugar and fruits being rich in alpha and beta hydroxyl acids, retinol and vitamin C help in exfoliation. Use a scrub or a face mask to exfoliate regularly.

Protect your Skin from Sun

Using the commercial sun protection lotions to protect your skin from UV rays is imperative and is one of the very vital skin care tips that is noteworthy. Opt for a skin care product that has Sun Protection Factor (SPF) greater than 15. Make sure that you apply it before going in the sun and reapply the cream once in every 2 hour timeframe or as and when you sweat lots.

Quit the Habit of Smoking and Opt for Natural Skin Care at Home

Smoking has testified to be one of the major causes of wrinkles on skin. Skin care tips generally advocate to quit this habit in order to have a youthful skin for long. Regular natural skin care is second to none. It not only helps in keeping your skin afresh but also poses no side effect unlike the commercial skin care products. Applying honey and washing with lukewarm water after a 10 minute timeframe, applying a mix of yoghurt and honey or lime, cucumber and rosewater and cleansing your facial skin after a 15 minute timeframe before taking a shower proves to be very utile in the long run.

Adhere to the above skin care tips and enjoy having a vernal skin for long.

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