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Tomatoes For Oily Skin?

As is almost common knowledge, an oily skin suffers the most from the excessive secretions, leading to variant troubles, ranging from acne to excessive greasiness, even going up to serious skin problems.

Though commercial products and face packs can be useful, yet it is important that you learn to use home remedies on a regular basis for such problems, as they are mild, have no side effects and have slow but sure results. Tomatoes are one such remedy for people with oily skin.

The way to utilize this wonderful natural product is to first cut the tomato into two equal halves. As you do this, make sure you do not squeeze out any of the pulp or juices in the process. Now take the first half and gently rub it all over your face many times, until you feel all the juice has dried up. Once you’ve finished, repeat the same with the other half of the tomato. Once done, keep for a minimum of 10 minutes and wash off. The skin will feel much more refreshed, tightened and will also have a nice glow.

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