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The Itching Question: How To Cure Psoriasis

Psoriasis is a condition of the human skin that afflicts millions of individuals. This non contaigous ailment appears on the skin in the form of elevated patches which are red in color.

In addition, these red sore like areas are covered by patches of dead skin cells. This process provides a silvery white look to the skin.

There are many possible treatments for the individual who is inflicted with psoriasis. Some of those cures include topical treatments, medications, laser and natural treatment methods.

Topical Treatments

First of all it is important for the sufferer of psoriasis to understand that when asking the question of how to cure psoriasis there are currently no permanent cures for this skin ailment. However, there are a number of temporary cures in response to the inquiry of how to cure psoriasis.

One of those treatment methods is through a topical or direct application of medication to the affected area. However, before applying this topical medication it is important that the dead accumulated skin or scaling be removed.

This can be accomplished by applying a medication over a certain period of time. These types of treatments are generally considered a temporary psoriasis cure now. Generally, this psoriasis cure now is an overnight process an in the morning the individual washed their skin. Then the topical treatment is applied.

Often the properties of this added medication help to soothe the affected area as well as bring a temporary cure. Common medications that are used include anthralin and Tazorac.


Another treatment response to the question of how to cure psoriasis temporarily is through laser treatment or what is known as phototherapy. This type of treatment uses a physican supervised treatment where the affected area is exposed to a laser. This laser therapy concentrates ultraviolet light to the affected area.

Natural Treatments

One additional answer to the question of how to cure psoriasis temporarily is through natural treatments. Natural treatments are defined as those methods that are not artificially administered.

Examples of natural treatment methods include the use of diet, water and sun treatments, mind stimulation, etc. Most of these natural treatments seem logical and for some individuals hold tremendous promise.

However, given the differences of people some of the treatments vary in effectiveness. Therefore, if an individual answers the question of how to cure psoriasis they would be best to experiment or try the various treatment methods to ascertain what best works for them.

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