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The Gory Details Of Chin And Neck Liposuction

Thank goodness you are knocked unconscious during your chin and neck liposuction, because watching, smelling and hearing one may make you wish you were dead. Of course, if you have a strong stomach and dissecting a frog was your favorite part of high school, then a chin and neck liposuction would not be as gross as, say, a natural birth. But it still can rank pretty high on the Gross-Out-Meter.

Going Under

Still, you might be curious as to what your facial liposuction costs are going towards. It’s far more complicated than making an incision and shoving a Hoover in it (although that is the general idea). The goal of chin and neck liposuction is to give you a more youthful profile and less flesh flapping up and down when you move. One advantage of a chin and neck liposuction is the knowledge that no amount of dieting and exercise can prevent a flabby neck.

Although some chin and neck liposuctions are outpatient procedures, you might have to stay the night under observation. That is a rare occurrence. But you pay for some good quality drugs. Valium is a popular oral drug used to knock you senseless. You usually – but not always – get an IV that pumps anesthetic into your body. It also pumps plain old saline (salt water) to help you with the fluid loss that inevitably occurs during surgery.


Unlike the popular board game called Operation, your nose doesn’t light up red when the doctor makes a mistake during your chin and neck liposuction. There will be a lot of noise, though, because you will be hooked up to blood pressure and heart monitors. There should be an anesthesiologist in the room that makes sure you don’t start buzzing. It’s not just you and the surgeon.

The incision made is small, usually less than an inch, along the underside of your jaw line, just under the middle of your chin. Before you went under, you should’ve had a nurse smear a gel or lotion on your neck and then roll a small device over your neck. This helps loosen up the fat from your skin.

A regular vacuum isn’t inserted into the incision, but a small, sterile vacuum-like device that does indeed suck up the loosened fat deposits. Then, your incision is rinsed out and stitched up. The whole procedure takes about 45 minutes for women and about an hour and a half for men.

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