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The Different Kinds Of Psoriasis Cream And Topical Treatments

One of the most commonly used treatments for psoriasis is topical creams. A psoriasis cream can be very effective in helping psoriasis sufferers get rid of the scaly skin and lesions that come with the disease. While a psoriasis cream is effective enough for some psoriasis sufferers, there are others who need more than just a psoriasis cream to help them clear the unsightly blemishes on their skin. Basically, the effectiveness of a psoriasis cream depends on the severity of the psoriasis that is afflicting a person.

Before we talk about the alternative treatments that people use for their psoriasis problems, let us first check out what kinds of creams are available to those who do use this kind of medication on their psoriasis. There are a lot of different types of creams that a person can use for his psoriasis problem, and these can be found in mild to strong variants, which are specifically created to help with the varied types of psoriasis. These creams have active ingredients that will help get rid of the flaky, white skin that tends to be one of the byproducts of psoriasis, and they also help prevent these flare-ups from coming back with a certain medication that is often part of these creams’ formulations.

There may also be a psoriasis cream or two that have moisturizing properties to help return a person’s skin to a smoother and suppler appearance, as opposed to the rough and dry skin that is usually the result of psoriasis. There are over the counter creams that can be used for such problems, and there are also stronger creams that have to be purchased with a prescription from a qualified skin doctor. The stronger psoriasis cream variants are often given to those who need a stronger kind of topical treatment for more severe psoriasis cases. The formulations of these creams may include steroids, a vitamin, tazorac, calcipotriene, and even a synthetic form of vitamin D to help combat the effects of psoriasis.

Other types of topical treatments are those that can be easily obtained without a prescription and these OTC or over the counter treatments may include salicylic acid creams, moisturizing creams and lotions, and tar based treatments. These are used to help a person with psoriasis get rid of the scaly and dry skin that is often the result of this ailment, and while this may not be effective for those who have more stubborn and severe types of psoriasis, they do work on those people who are experiencing the milder versions of the disease.

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