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Some Massage Is Harmful!

Human contact is a therapy in itself. From infants to the elderly, each of the age groups have always benefited from massage, making the bones stronger and the skin firmer and smoother.

However, controversy emerges on the subject of massage only due to faulty products and incorrect techniques. As against the contrary belief, massage is just not the same as applying a moisturizer. It takes a professional to do the right type of massage. Similarly, what also matters is the usage of the correct type of product. For instance, if you are getting massage done on a regular basis, but with a product suited to oily skin and your skin is of the dry type, obviously the results will be favorable.

Another aspect which makes massage negative is that the amount of force and pressure applied and the kind of strokes used are faulty. For instance, if you use a hard enough touch with the elderly, you can actually cause damage, as their bones have grown weaker with age.

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