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Some Good Ingredients For All Natural Skin Care

Many people these days are opting for all natural skin care products, whether it’s items they buy that are organic or products they make at home. Many organic all natural skin care products you purchase at the retail store are just as affordable as other products if not even more so, and most are readily available at your favorite retailer or easily purchased online.

But many women are also finding that it’s just as easy to make their own all natural skin care products at home, whether it’s moisturizers or exfoliating masks or cleansers. There are of course many recipes you can follow to make up certain masks but usually making these masks is like cooking – you simply need to learn the basic ingredients and processes and then you can make some adjustments to your own tastes and preferences. These ingredients you typically use for all natural skin care are common items you find in your own pantry, as a matter of fact, you probably already have everything you need and won’t even need to make a trip to the supermarket!

Honey is a very common ingredient when it comes to all natural skin care because it’s a natural moisturizer. You can add it to just about any mask or treatment option to help soften your skin. Many find that if they put it in the microwave for a minute or so this helps to not just get it warm but a bit runny so it’s easier to use in some cases. It’s also good for all natural skin care because it rinses away cleanly and has no added chemicals the way other commercial moisturizers do.

Other common moisturizing ingredients for all natural skin care include avocados and plain yogurt. You can mash avocados and use that as is for a mask or add them other masks and treatments.

Oatmeal is often used as an exfoliating agent for all natural skin care. It is soft enough that when rubbed in the skin it won’t strip the skin of natural oils and won’t cause scratching, irritation, or redness the way some other exfoliating agents might. A simple mask of honey and oatmeal is one of the oldest treatments that women have been using forever and helps to keep the skin soft and clean.

Eggs are also good for all natural skin care because they are full of vitamin A, something that is important to skin’s health. A few drops of lemon juice can be used as an astringent for oily skin, as can plain milk of magnesia.

Putting all these ingredients together for a natural mask or treatment is very easy and very beneficial for all natural skin care; of course you want to use ingredients that are good for your particular type of skin and be sure you don’t leave any mask or treatment on your face for too long. Whatever treatment you try, rinse it off very gently with a warm cloth.

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