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Some Common Mistakes In A Skin Care Regimen

It’s true that some people seem to be born with beautiful skin; their pores are nice and tiny and their face is still soft and supple. But for everyone else a good skin care regimen can actually make all the difference in whether or not the skin looks attractive or splotchy and uneven. There are however some common mistakes that many people make when it comes to their everyday skin care regimen and these mistakes not only take away from the skin’s appearance they can also actually harm the skin and make it look worse than before.

As an example one common mistake that many people make is cleaning too often and using products that are too harsh. Why should you be concerned about this in your skin care regimen? When you clean you’re getting dirt and bacteria but you’re also pulling away from the face all the natural oils that are good for skin. These oils help to keep the skin soft, ward off wrinkles and lines, and act as a protective agent between the skin and pollutants and other irritants in the air. While this is unavoidable in your skin care regimen it’s a mistake to go overboard with the cleaning as stripping this oil too often is going to be very bad for your skin.

Using harsh products when you clean or exfoliate is another common mistake in most skin care regimens. Soaps that are meant for other parts of the body contain ingredients that are just too strong for the sensitive skin on the face. These strong ingredients can cause excessive dryness which leads to redness, peeling, and flakes. This is also true of any exfoliating agents you might use in your skin care regimen. While taking off this top layer of skin is good as it removes dead skin cells and flakes, doing this too often or with a product that’s too harsh is going to take off too much skin and expose the skin underneath which is more vulnerable and prone to irritation. An exfoliating once or twice per week is usually sufficient for any skin care regimen; if you must exfoliate more than that you need to be sure to use a very gentle product.

And of course daily moisturizing is important for any good skin care regimen; many people make the mistake of thinking that if their skin is oily or if they wear makeup then they don’t need to moisturizer every day. This is just not accurate; that moisturizer helps to form a protective barrier between the skin and the sun’s harmful rays as well as allowing it to stay soft and supple.

So avoid these common skin care regimen mistakes. Clean every day but don’t overdo it with that or the exfoliating. Use gentle products that are specifically designed for the face. Moisturize daily regardless of skin type. If you are sure to avoid these common mistakes when it comes to your skin care regimen you’ll have skin that is healthy and radiant.

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