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Skin Picking Off Lips

What are the reasons for people to pick the skin off their lips? Skin picking off lips may have caused a lot of reasons. Climate may be viewed as the cause why people pick skin off lips. Other causes of skin picking off lips are stress and anxiety, with its initial symptoms starting during childhood.

Nearly everyone have at one time or another experienced dry, chapped lips. Overexposure to extreme weather may bring about this condition. Extreme weather refers to the freezing winter, or the stifling summer. Under both conditions, the lips have a tendency to peel. The normal reaction is not to do anything and let the body heal itself. They would apply lip balm or Chap Stick to make sure the mouth maintains certain amount of moisture.

Those who pick skin of their lips find no rhyme nor reason as to why they keep on doing it. The different reasons ranges from boredom, to smoothing the part where the skin is dry. Either or, there is a psychological explanation why people like to pick the skin off their lips.

Compulsive Skin picking is when here is excessive desire to pick healthy skin off body parts. It is also known as pathological skin picking, neurotic excoriation or dermatillomania. People are unaware of picking skin off their lips because this condition mostly lies in our subconscious state. Doctors may classify this an impulse control disorder.

They also believed that this is related to obsessive-compulsive behavior. Stress and anxiety may brought about this condition. Picking skin off lips may be a stress reliever but they are unaware that they are pulling the skin already.

Treating people who have a habit of picking skin of their lips begins in determining the level of awareness the individual has regarding this problem. If the condition is in the subconscious stage, then more serious treatment is needed.

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