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Skin Conditions In Horses May Affect Their Performance

Skin conditions in horses can be just as serious as when we develop skin conditions. Not everyone realizes the importance of skin on our bodies and the bodies of our horses. Skin is the largest organ on the horse’s body just as it is for us. If there is a problem of some sort with the horse, it will usually manifest itself as skin conditions. In horse’s skin, there lie many layers all having a purpose. If one part of the horse’s skin is affected, chances are good that other parts are affected as well.

A good healthy coat on your horse is important for more than just appearance. Although, when people look at horses, their coat is the first thing they’ll see. A coat that is shiny and sleek is usually the sign of a healthy horse. However, a coat that is shaggy, long and dull in appearance usually indicates some sort of skin conditions in this horse. Having a good healthy coat on your horse is more than just luck. It requires good care.

To avoid skin conditions in horses, make sure you give your horse a good nutritional diet with a lot of vitamins and minerals, more than just the daily required amount. For the maximum waterproofness, they need a lot of good oil production. Make sure your horse is having healthy and regular bowel movements, as this is necessary for good health and to prevent skin conditions in horses. Good weather with lots of sunshine is also required for a healthy horse. When we say lots of sunshine, we don’t mean excessive heat with high humilities, but rather a nice amount of sun.

The horse should also be allowed ample room to get in shade if need be or away from flies, which can cause serious skin conditions in horses. In fact, flies and parasites can damage the skin in horses quicker than almost anything else can. If a horse is affected with fly bites or worms and not treated, it can go into their system and damage their respiratory or intestinal system.

Other things will damage the skin on the horse such as vitamin and mineral deficiency. Make sure your horse is kept away from toxins they may breathe in or eat, as this can make them very sick. Using antibiotics, strong harsh chemicals and parasiticides on their coat can cause skin conditions in horses. Stress will often affect a horse causing them to go “off feed”, which will affect their coat and skin as well. Almost any ailment a horse may have will usually show itself first in the coat and skin.

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