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Skin Care for Dry Skin

Although most people think they have normal skin, very few people are lucky enough to have normal skin. Most people have dry skin, oily skin or a combination skin type. Oily skin is usually easy to identify. Dry skin, however, is sometimes more difficult to recognize. Many of us have dry skin and aren’t even aware of it. Skin care for dry skin is very important in keeping our skin looking and feeling healthy. Many times our daily routine leads to us developing dry skin, but we don’t realize it until it’s too late. In situations like this, the individual tries to correct the dry skin after the fact when it’s more difficult.

One example of skin care for dry skin is avoiding overexposure to the sun. While everyone loves to look tanned in the summer, sitting in the sun too much can cause many problems, the least of which is dry skin. Skin cancer is a real risk from overexposure to the sun’s rays. Overexposure to the sun may not show up in our skin immediately, but does over time. Premature wrinkles and aging is a consequence of too much sun and tanning. Usually by the time the individual has reached this point, it’s almost too late to start practicing skin care for dry skin. It’s never too late; however, preventing it is much easier than trying to cure it.

Many people have dry skin even without spending time in the sun and need skin care for dry skin. In some cases, dry skin is hereditary or genetic. The most common places on the body for dry skin are the hands, shins and sides of the abdomen. Dry skin is more common in the winter because the humidity is lower. When people get older they also suffer from dry skin because of the changes their bodies go through naturally with age. This is especially true with post-menopausal women whose bodies are no longer getting the necessary hormones they got when they were younger. For these individuals, skin care for dry skin is almost a necessity. Without proper skin care for dry skin or treatment, the dry skin can lead to dermatitis, which a more serious inflammation of the skin.

Although there are a variety of different products you can get for dry skin, there are also preventative measures you can take at home. Try taking warm baths or showers as opposed to hot because hot water can dry out your skin. You may want to lessen your showers to once a day and no more than 5 to 10 minutes. Use a body or hand soap that contains moisturizing ingredients or apply a moisturizer to your body right after you dry yourself from a shower or washing. You may also want to use more moisturizers in the winter. While these at-home methods of skin care for dry skin may not cure dry skin, they are a big help.

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