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Save Money With Natural Skin Care Recipe Formulas You Make At Home

People spend millions of dollars annually buying cosmetics, skin care and beauty products, trying to find the ones that work best for them. Many contain harmful chemicals while numerous natural skin care products are very expensive. The good news is there is a natural skin care recipe available to make skin products for every skin condition and type but does not cost you a fortune. The ingredients for many natural skin care recipe formulas are sitting in your kitchen on the counter, in the cupboards and refrigerator.

A great natural skin care recipe for people with normal skin is a mask made of oatmeal, honey and a peach. Not only does this make a natural mask that smells good enough to eat, actually, you can eat it, but also the result is fresh, clean, glowing skin. Start with an overly ripe peach or, for a hard peach, boil in water to make the peach soft, then remove the peel, mash it with a fork and add a tablespoon of honey. To the mixture add enough oatmeal to form a paste and then simply apply to your face. Wash off the mixture after approximately ten minutes using warm water, and your face will feel wonderful. This is certainly one natural skin care recipe easy and quick to make. Another excellent, extremely easy natural skin care recipe starts with two ripe bananas mashed until smooth with a little honey added. Apply this mixture to your face and remove after ten minutes using warm water. The result of this natural skin care recipe is supple, soft, wonderful looking skin. Any leftover banana mixture will keep up to a week in the refrigerator.

Use a tablespoon of honey and two tablespoons of mashed papaya blended into a creamy mixture to make a natural skin care recipe for a soothing mask. Smooth this over your face, rinse off with warm water after twenty minutes and then pat dry. Another nutritious natural skin care recipe treat for your face is a yogurt whip made with a tablespoon each of orange and lemon juice mixed together with a cup of plain yogurt. Apply generously to your face and rinse with cool water after ten minutes. To make a gentle exfoliate, combine a quarter cup milk, half-cup cornmeal, one-tablespoon olive oil, four drops tea tree oil, and two teaspoons baking soda, mixed into a paste. Apply gently and rinse off after ten minutes with warm water. You can also experiment and invent your own natural skin care recipe.

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