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Really Important Facts About Face Whitening Products

A great majority of media advertisements are now endorsing facial products that promise to deliver younger and flawless looking skin. Cleaner complexion is not just the goal of women nowadays,in fact, a lot of women go nuts when it comes to choosing face whitening products. Face whitening products are highlly popular especially in tropical countries where women have dark skin. Almost all Asian women use face whitening products that can lighten skin to as much as 5 to 6 shades. Because of this demand, cosmetic companies churn and produce hundreds of face whitening products that compete in a crowded market.

Face whitening products are produced in different forms, shapes and sizes. They can come as liquid soaps, bar soaps, creams, toners, moisturizers, astringent, facial wash, facial mask and a lot more. Normally, soaps and facial wash are the most widely-used type of face whitening products. This is due to obvious reasons, people practice personal hygiene such as washing face regularly and see results in a few weeks time. A lot of facial soaps and wash are within anyone’s budget but there are also expensive soap bars that have glutathione which is expensive. Typically, face whitening products contain any of these ingredients : glutathione, AHA ( alpha-hydroxy acids), licorice, kojic acid, bleach, hydroquinone and others.

In the past few years, some controversy had been associated with the use of hydroquinone as well as bleach that has ammoniated mercury. The FDA discourage the use of face whitening products that contain harmful chemicals such as the aforementioned since they can bring possible skin damage after prolonged use. According to an article in Medicinenet.com, FDA prohibits cosmetic products that have more than 2% hydroquinone content on any brand.

Moreover, the article also cited that hydroquinone can cause darkening and thickening of skin known as ochronosis. Therefore, women should closely examine facts when choosing face whitening products. Nevertheless, many face whitening products still whiten skin safely especially ones that have natural formulation from fruit extracts. These products can include AHA, kojic acid , licorice and other fruit acids.

Briefly, there’s a wide variety of face whitening products available in the market that offers many features to women. In fact, most of these products are effective and very efficient in whitening skin. However, they should pay attention to the formulation of these products since it’s better safe than sorry.

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