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Put Your Best Face Forward With Facial Liposuction

If you are all about putting your best face forward or creating good first impressions, perhaps a facial liposuction is what you want. As you age, fat around your chin, neck or cheeks may expand, giving you a pudgy look that actually alters your appearance over time. With lipo, your can regain your original facial contouring that you had as a younger adult. It is important to note that with facial liposuction, rarely does the procedure need to be repeated as fat cells are removed and they cannot grow back; rather existing fat cells only grow larger instead.

Ultrasonic liposuction is usually the particular surgical technique used to removed fat cells from the facial area as it is especially for hard to treat areas that traditional lipo cannot touch. Ultrasonic energy is emitted in the pinpointed areas which liquefy the fat so that it can be suctioned out. This type of facial liposuction is the most desirable as it is the most effective and least traumatic to your facial tissues in terms of bruising. Plus, there is less swelling and the side benefit to the ultrasonic facial liposuction is that the skin is tightened naturally, creating a youthful appearance.

The Procedure Itself

With facial liposuction, there are several ways that cosmetic surgeons could approach the procedure – through the gums, lip or lower jaw area. Where you want fat removed will depend on the location, although oral incisions inside the mouth are not preferred but rather an outside incision such as under the chin.

Once the incision is made, a small cannula (hollow tube) is fed through it to the fat cell location site. The cannula is pushed back and forth through the fatty deposits to help break it up, usually using the ultrasound energy mentioned previously and then suctioned out. Keep in mind that incisions made inside the mouth during a facial liposuction will take longer to recover from than an incision made outside along the chin line. This is due to an increased chance of infection from food and drink that is consumed which could taint the incision site with bacteria.

Recovery Process

Facial liposuction takes a few weeks to totally recover from, especially when the incisions are inside the mouth. You can expect bruising and swelling since the facial area is more sensitive than other places on the body. Pain is bearable and usually can be controlled easily with over the counter pain reliever. Only a few stitches are needed whether the incision is inside or outside the mouth and a compression dressing may be necessary to prevent undue swelling.

Because your body stops making fat once you pass out of puberty, whenever you gain weight, it is the result of your current fat cells expanding. With facial liposuction, once those fat cells are removed, you don’t have to worry about them coming back and creating pudginess again. Your new slim contours of the face will remain, sometimes permanently.

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