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Psoriasis Treatment: No One-Size-Fits-All Treatment

There is no one single psoriasis treatment method that suits all cases of psoriasis. In fact, the treatment recommended to you will depend on the form of psoriasis that you are suffering and also on its severity. Suffice to say, that psoriasis treatment does not mean that a single treatment method will suit every instance of this skin disorder.

Topical Creams And Ointments

Among common psoriasis treatment solutions you can include using topical creams as well as certain ointments and even certain kinds of powders. These are applied to the affected areas and will generally help in controlling the spread of the disorder. In fact, such psoriasis treatment methods will slow down as well as normalize the production of excessive cells that cause psoriasis; and, also helps to bring down inflammation.

Some common topical psoriasis treatment options include Salicylic acid, Dovonex, Athralin as well as coal tar and even corticosteroids. The last name are very often recommended for psoriasis treatment – mainly because they have strong anti-inflammatory properties and they will certainly help in bringing down any swelling and also reduce the unsightly red lesions that appear when suffering from psoriasis.

Another advantage to using corticosteroids is that they can complement different psoriasis treatments – even when the patient is suffering from chronic psoriasis. However, you will need to find out whether the steroids should be used for a short period of time and which parts of the body they should be applied on.

In case of extensive psoriasis condition the best psoriasis treatment is using ultraviolet light and even phototherapy with the latter involving exposing the patient’s skin to ultraviolet light wavelengths. In particular, it is necessary to use ultraviolet light B or UVB and the reason for this is that it has greater effectiveness in slowing down abnormal rapid growth of certain skin cells that cause psoriasis.

You may also use prescription or systemic medications in psoriasis treatment; especially, when the condition is moderate or even severe (in some instances). Some common systemic medications include cyclosporine and methotrexate as well as Accutane and even sulfasalazine which are effective in treating chronic psoriasis.

Among the new psoriasis treatments there are a few more options open to anyone suffering from psoriasis and among the US FDA approved treatments you will need to include the likes of Efalizumab and Alefacept.

Some patients however prefer natural or alternative psoriasis treatment including acupuncture as well as herbal remedies; so much so, that it is believed that as many as thirty-six percent of US adults are using alternative psoriasis treatments. Though there is no cure for psoriasis, treatments can limit the distress caused to patients.

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