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Pregnancy And Your Skin

Pregnancy is one time in your life when your entire existence goes under a major upheaval. From physical changes to mental metamorphosis, everything comes under the weather, for good or for worse.

If everything else is to change, how can your skin be left out? After all, it is your skin that holds you together and hence is now responsible for accommodating another human being inside. As is evident from this, the first and most prominent impact on your skin is that of stretch marks. As your skin stretches to make more space, it leads to the purplish or pinkish stretch marks in the process.

Second comes the impact of any physical weakness due to pregnancy that might show on your skin. Well, most women suffer from iron deficiencies and the like during their pregnancy. When this does happen, it shows on your skin in form of paleness, dark under-eye circles and much more.

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