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Pitbull Skin Conditions

Skin Conditions develop in dogs that same as they do with humans. The only difference is the cause may be harder to get to than with humans because they can’t talk. However, in some instances they may be easy if your dog doesn’t get out much and leads a quiet life. In this case, it shouldn’t be too hard to pinpoint when the problem started and where. Whether your dog is a Collie or Pitbull, skin conditions will develop from time to time. Some dogs are more prone to develop skin conditions and irritations than others are.

Demodectic Mange, dermatitis and staphylococcus infections are common Pitbull skin conditions. Demodectic mange (mites) is usually more common with puppies, but more cases that are chronic are occurring with the older Pitbull as well. The treatment is usually a chemical dip until the mites are gone. For a more natural holistic treatment, lavender oil with lemon juice on the spots has been effective. Dermatitis and staph infections can develop by themselves, although they are usually secondary to another problem. If food is ruled out as the culprit, a holistic treatment can be, once again, used. However, many dog owners are not familiar with natural treatments and are more comfortable with having a vet see their Pitbull. Skin conditions can be cured quicker if they are acknowledged in their early stages.

As with all dogs including the Pitbull, skin conditions can develop from a poor diet. Many dog owners feel that if they buy a name brand dog food, they are feeding their dog the best. This is a very inaccurate assumption. Dog foods need to be judged by their ingredients, rather than the price of the brand. Many name brand dog foods have the majority of their ingredients listed as corn or wheat products, which are fillers and known to cause allergies in dogs. Some of these allergies can lead to poor coat, excess shedding and yeast and ear infections, which can be very painful to the dog. Although many ear problems are related to the food they eat, food is not the only thing that can bring on an allergy with your Pitbull. Skin conditions such as allergies can come for something they’ve inhaled or something that’s “in the air”.

You may also have started your Pitbull on some new treat or shampoo that they’ve developed an allergy to. Just as with humans, sometimes allergies need to be isolated down by process of elimination. If you own a Pitbull, skin conditions should be something that should be taken care of as it plays a large part in their overall appearance and well-being. In most cases, allergies will show up as itchy skin. These type of allergies are often cleared up with a bath in Murphy’s oil soap. This soap is made with pure vegetable oils, which are very good for the dog’s coat. One important fact to remember is that each Pitbull is different and each allergy or skin condition needs to be treated separately.

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