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New Psoriasis Treatment: Efalizumab, Etanercept And Alefacept

The medical community has succeeded in studying psoriasis. In fact, it has even come up with many new and interesting facts which in turn have meant that keeping up with all of the new information as well as new psoriasis treatment methods has become quite an overwhelming experience. Nevertheless, it is necessary to learn about the pros and cons about various new psoriasis treatments before making a call about a particular option.

Correct Decisions

Not knowing what each new psoriasis treatment involves will make it harder to make the correct decision and it would also mean that you would be at a loss in discussing with your doctor the best treatment method as well as best course of action to deal with symptoms of psoriasis. However, a new psoriasis treatment medication that is being touted as being very effective is the systemic medications that can be ingested orally or even injected.

For those people that may have severe to moderate psoriasis the new psoriasis treatment being recommended and which has obtained approval of the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) include the likes of Efalizumab, Etanercept and Alefacept. Etanercept is also useful in treating psoriasis arthritis and these new psoriasis treatment options are also safer as well as more effective than traditional treatment methods.

Alefacept is a new psoriasis treatment method that requires patients to take standard treatment for about twelve weeks and is a very effective option that produces long remission periods, especially when used for more than sixteen weeks. It is also safe to use for those who are suffering from plaque psoriasis as too for palmoplantar psoriasis.

Efalizumab is another new psoriasis treatment option that is safe as well as effective when used for as long as sixty weeks and fortunately, there are no fears of any side effects to worry about. However, over a short duration, taking Efalizumab could cause headaches, fever, chills as well as feeling nauseous.

The third new psoriasis treatment option is Etanercept that is used mainly to treat plaque psoriasis as well as psoriatic arthritis and even for treating rheumatoid arthritis. However, patients may suffer a relapse within ninety days of discontinuance of this new psoriasis treatment medicine; though merely withdrawing this medication will not in it cause any major symptom flare-ups.

One of the more peculiar forms of psoriasis is guttate psoriasis that occurs when the skin cells begin to divide too quickly and which leads to the skin beginning to thicken as well as forms scales. Guttate psoriasis treatment should only be begun a few weeks after guttate psoriasis symptoms appear because in many cases the condition disappears within these few weeks and no treatment is therefore required.

There are several other new psoriasis treatment options available including fumaric acid ester therapy, and oral pimecrolimus – both of which can be taken orally.

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