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Natural Skin Care Products Help Keep Your Skin Healthy

Skin is the body’s largest and most visible organ and what goes into the body is as important as the products used on the skin. The amount of chemicals most people encounter daily is huge. They are in the air, food, cosmetics, skin cleansers, household cleaning products, and perfumes, just to name a few. Although some chemicals are unavoidable, there are ways to cut down or avoid some such as eating organic foods because they are chemical free, buying products that are safe for the environment, and using natural skin care products. Eat a healthy, balanced diet rich in vegetables and fruits because the minerals and vitamins found in those promote healthy skin while vitamins C and A prevent scaly, dry skin. Avoid processed foods and ones that contain a lot of fat.

Natural skin care means looking after the skin by using naturally developed ingredients such as flowers, essential oils, roots, and herbs combined with natural occurring preservatives, carrier agents, humectants, surfactants, and emulsifiers including oils, natural soaps and pure water. Based on using botanical-sourced natural ingredients formed by or already existing in nature, natural skin care means the products should contain no synthetic chemicals.

It is important to take care of your skin year round using natural skin care products as sun exposure, harsh weather conditions, humidity, and other seasonal elements have an affect on people’s skin. There are many ways to promote year round healthy skin in addition to using natural skin care products. During the winter months, the cold outdoor temperatures, indoor heating, and low humidity cause the skin to become cracked, itchy, and dry.

Limit your shower or bath to no more than ten minutes and use warm water because hot water will remove your skins natural oils making it even dryer. Within a few minutes of drying off, use a good natural skin care moisturizer as this is the best time to moisturize your skin. Create a healthy indoor environment by using a humidifier to help keep your skin hydrated in the winter. Always use a natural skin care sunscreen in the winter because eighty percent of the rays from the sun reflect off the snow. Use natural skin care moisturizers and cleansers twice daily. Drink from six to ten glasses of water daily because this helps your body in many ways including keeping your skin hydrated. Start your day with a glass of water before breakfast followed by using a quality natural skin care cleanser and moisturizer.

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