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Natural Skin Care Ideas

Years ago, everyone spent hours out in the hot summer sun. People did not wear sun screen, and a deep tan was the goal of any young woman or man. Today research has shown that these summer pastimes are extremely dangerous to your skin. Some may think that a tan is beautiful, but this constant tanning, or even occasional tanning, will only make your skin leathery as you age, increase the number and appearance of wrinkles, and increase your risk of having liver spots as you age. Even scarier and more dangerous, however, is that there is an absolute definitive link between sun exposure and certain skin cancers. Even with this knowledge, many young woman and men are still obsessed with tanning beds. If you want to have beautiful skin now and as you age without putting yourself at risk for skin cancer, here are some natural skin care ideas.

Natural Skin Care Made Easy

Natural skin care is one of the easiest things you can do for yourself. All natural skin care does not mean you need to invest in an expensive organic skin care product, or even purchase any expensive products. Natural skin care just means using simple and chemical free ways to keep your skin safe from the harmful rays of the sun.

The number one natural skin care idea is to simply cover up. Many people think that you need to expose as much skin as possible when it is hot outside to stay cool, but this is not the case! When you expose more skin to be touched by the sun’s rays, you are simply putting that skin out there to get hot and burned. When your skin is hot, you are hot. Instead, look into a thin sheath or long sleeve cover up. These thin, gauzy materials barely feel like you are wearing anything at all.

In fact, many are visibly see through so you could wear a bikini top underneath and still look sexy while keeping the sun’s harmful UV rays off of your skin. Wearing a long sleeve shirt and long pants (try loose linen pants!) is a great natural skin care idea. In addition, always wear a wide brimmed hat when outside in the sun. The face is one of the most common places for cancerous skin lesions to appear, and a floppy brimmed hat can help avoid that.

Natural skin care is not difficult. It is not expensive and it is not complicated, but it can save your skin and your life.

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