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Natural Dry Skin Care For Babies

Natural is a term often bandied about and used for many baby products. Many parents like the idea of using natural and organic products for their child since these basically ensure that the products are clean and have little risk of irritating the child’s skin and harming the child. Natural dry skin care is often a need that many parents seek for their baby. There are also many different ways to promote natural dry skin care for babies without the use of any products.

Baby Products

Babies’ skin is basically clean and do not need much cleansing, with the exception of the diaper area. Most of the natural dry skin care products are baby soaps, shampoos and lotions which are largely for dry sensitive skin care. Some of the ingredients usually found in a natural dry skin care product for babies are colloidal oatmeal, lavender extract, milk, vanilla and other herbal extracts. These ingredients work to naturally soothe, cleanse and relax baby and his or her skin.

Natural Dry Skin Care Tips

Reduce bath time since exposure to tap water can promote skin dryness. The use of ordinary soap and shampoos can also elevate the risk of more dryness. Natural dry skin care may also necessitate the use of a light skin moisturizer to prevent over drying the skin after bathing. Check out the moisturizers ingredients before applying since some of these may contain ingredients not suitable for babies. Emollients and humectants are preferable for these types of natural dry skin care products.

Other tips for natural dry skin care are not to use strong chemical when washing baby’s clothes, reducing baby’s exposure to direct sunlight during peak hours (starting at 9:00 am to 3:00 pm) and using a humidifier especially during days when the air is dry. Taking baby out to the beach for a dip and the swimming pool should also be limited to short times only because these bodies of water can be drying to baby’s skin. Salt water and chlorinated water are causes of dry skin. Babies should also be bundled up well during winter to prevent moisture loss due to dry and nippy air. Fireplaces and heating systems can also dry babies’ skin to some extent.

Natural dry skin care should use methods that do not require the use of products that may be detrimental to baby’s skin. Natural dry skin care is optimal for babies because they usually have sensitive skin.

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