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Liposuction Without Surgery: Beauty Treatment Without Pain?

Many people have this misconception that liposuction without surgery is painless and non-invasive. Unfortunately, liposuction without surgery is not totally painless or absolutely non-invasive. However, compared to regular liposuction procedure, liposuction without surgery has relatively milder side effects. Yes, there will still be bruising and the swelling around the treated area for a few days but since liposuction without surgery works without cutting through your skin, you will experience less discomforts after the treatment. Moreover, non-surgical liposuction cosmetic surgery is generally safer compared to regular procedures.

Non-surgical Liposuction Treatments

As more and more people clamor for liposuction without surgery, scientists and doctors scrambled to come up with new technology that can cater to the growing demands for less invasive treatment. Over the years, medical professionals have developed several non-surgical liposuction treatments. One of the most popular non-surgical liposuction is performed by injecting medicines and enzymes into some parts of the body. These medicines and enzymes dissolve the stubborn fats. The dissolved fats are then flushed out from the body through urine. Technically, this type of liposuction without surgery is considered as safe. However, people who have liver or renal problems should never attempt to undergo this type of treatment. People with renal and liver problems may not be able to process the medicines and enzymes efficiently so there is a possibility that they will suffer from mild to moderate side effects.

Another popular form of liposuction without surgery is mesotherapy. This type of treatment is now widely used in Europe and in South America. The treatment involves the injection of amino acids and compounds that dissolve fatty tissues in the body. Usually, these amino acids and other compounds are administered on the different parts of the body using tiny needles so the whole treatment process is relatively painless. The results of this type of treatment are quite good. A lot of people who have undergone this type of liposuction without surgery are quite satisfied and happy with the results.

Aside from injecting enzymes, amino acids and other chemicals to dissolve fatty tissues, medical experts also developed the use of laser to administer liposuction without surgery. By using heated laser beams to melt fatty tissues, doctors can do contour the different areas of the human body easily. This type of procedure is relatively fast and easy to perform. A lot of well known plastic surgeons around the country are now using this technique to perform facelifts and other forms of cosmetic surgery.

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