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Liposuction Under Chin: Harder In Men Than Women

It’s a man’s world, arguably, but not when it comes to getting a liposuction for chin and neck areas or almost anywhere else on the body. For the same procedure and in the same health, a liposuction for double chins will be more expensive than the same exact surgery in women. Is this a sort of reverse-sexist conspiracy among cosmetic surgeons? Sadly, no. It’s because a man’s fat stubbornly clings to the body while a woman’s fat is ready to rock and roll.

Male Fat

Cosmetic surgeons charge more for a liposuction under the chin for men than for women is because the surgery is much longer for men. The fat in a liposuction under the chin is also tougher to remove because it is a more fibrous consistency. While women’s fat is comparatively easy to separate from the rest of the body and then vacuum away, men’s fat is not so cooperative. This means a longer liposuction under the chin and a greater risk of blood lost and having the body open to infection.

Men’s fat also usually settles in different parts of the body, like right around the navel, which is a bit more dangerous to operate on. But under the chin is an area both sexes have flabbiness and fat. Still, if you are a man wanting to get a liposuction under the chin, you might want to get a sex change operation first and then get the liposuction. (That was a joke).

Recovery Time

Recovering from a liposuction under the chin is also affects men differently than women. It generally takes longer for a man’s body to completely recover than for a woman, because the surgery was more difficult than for the woman. Most women are completely healed after one month from a liposuction under the chin, but men take an average of six weeks.

Many men can feel good enough to go back to work after one or two weeks, just like most women can. In feeling back to normal from a liposuction under the chin, both men and women seem to recover the same. But, because the procedure is longer and more intense in men, bruising, swelling and pain can last two weeks longer than a woman. Some men need up to six months before their bodies look and feel back before the liposuction under the chin.

A study by the English newspaper “The Independent” in 2008 revealed that more men are getting cosmetic surgery than every before. The study also goes on to say that men are far less willing to admit that they’ve had a liposuction for under the chin than women.

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