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Liposuction Recovery Time Cannot Be Predicted Accurately

If you happen to know about someone that has just undergone liposuction surgery, one of the first thoughts that would enter your mind would be to wonder just what kind of procedures took place. You would also notice that the liposuction results look anything but nice, and another aspect to liposuction surgery is determining the amount of time needed for liposuction recovery.

Local Anesthesia

The first thing that happens following liposuction surgery is that the patient will start to recover from the effects of anesthesia after which they will be allowed to get up and start walking about. In case, the surgery was performed under local anesthesia, once the effects of such anesthesia pass the patient is simply released within half an hour and so, there is no need to worry about liposuction recovery time.

However, when general anesthesia is used, the liposuction recovery time may be longer because the doctor will need to establish without any doubt that the patient has not suffered any bad effects from the drugs injected into them. Often, even after being discharged, the patient may suffer from swelling, bruising as well as drainage and may be forced into wearing compression garments.

When the patient suffers from bruising, the liposuction recovery time would be about a couple of days; though in some cases it can last for as many as two or even three weeks. Draining may be quite severe on the first day following surgery and will thereafter lessen. It is therefore normal to consider liposuction recovery time to be about three days post surgery by which time the drainage will have stopped altogether.

Once the drainage ceases, the patient’s body can start to perform normally once more. However, it is not recommended that the patient begin strenuous exercising until liposuction recovery is completed. One final consideration with regard to liposuction recovery time is that following liposuction surgery there is generally a lot of swelling and the amount of time taken for this swelling to subside will vary from patient to patient. However, once drainage has been completed the swelling too will begin to subside. Eight weeks is about the amount of time required for liposuction recovery which is the amount of time required for swelling to have completely subsided.

Another form of liposuction surgery that is often performed is the one known as breast liposuction. As far as liposuction recovery goes, it is right to say that the amount of time required for a patient to recover is variable and it is dependent on a number of factors which make it hard to predict with any great degree of accuracy whether recovery will be quick or not.

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