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Liposuction Complication: What To Expect

Liposuction is a procedure where a tube is inserted into incisions made unto the skin to remove excess fats in certain parts of the body. A canula is a pen shaped tube which is inserted into the dermis and then moved around gently to remove the fats in the area. There can be any liposuction complication during and after the procedure. If there is any kind of possibility of liposuction complication during or after the procedure, the liposuction surgeon must inform the patient before anything else to make the decision of having the procedure considered seriously.


An infection is a liposuction complication that usually stems from not taking the prescribed antibiotics given to the patient after the procedure. The reason why antibiotics are given after the liposuction procedure is to prevent a liposuction complication from occurring due to not cleaning the wound well enough when the patient gets home or running the risk of an infection from exposure to unclean implements. It is best to take every bit of antibiotics that the liposuction surgeon gives (usually about two weeks worth at the most) to prevent a liposuction complication from turning ugly.

Visceral Perforations And Changes In Sensation

Another liposuction complication which can prove fatal is the puncturing of vital organs due to the probing and movement of the canula. This liposuction complication usually happens during liposuction procedure done to the back and to the stomach. Perforations to the intestines may not be fatal but will need immediate operation to avoid more liposuction complications whereas other organs may not be as forgiving.

Experiencing changes in sensation or numbness in the area where the procedure was done is a liposuction complication that can occur after the procedure. Usually, this liposuction complication is permanent. This happens when nerve endings are disrupted from their function and cut off by the movement of the canula. Liposuction swelling can also occur due to reactions to movement of the cnaula.

Reactions To Anesthesia And Other Drugs

Anesthesia can come in many forms and the more common drugs used for liposuction can actually cause complications in some people. There are many different types of reactions to novocaine or lidocaine which range from your basic numbness or the more fatal stopping of the heart.

Liposuction complication happens without any warnings. Some of the complications occur even with prime candidates for the procedure undergoing it. It is best to weight the options of the risks and complications concerning liposuction before committing to the procedure.

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