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Link Between Smoking And Psoriasis

Psoriasis is a skin malady wherein red scaly spots appear on the body and cause itching. Psoriasis causes red spots due to psoriatic plaques. Psoriatic plaques may cause inflammation and extreme skin turnover. These plaques are generally found on the elbows, scalp, feet, knees, genital and palms. Research has shown that there may be a link between smoking and psoriasis and that smoking may be a trigger.

Psoriasis is an incurable skin disease and its magnitude may differ from one person to another. Some people may show just a few symptoms localized on a particular body part, whereas some people may have it spread all over the body. Psoriasis may also cause swelling of the joints thereby causing “Psoriatic Arthritis”. No exact reason has still been found for psoriasis. It could be genetic or hereditary.

Psoriasis patients should not smoke as it tends to aggravate the condition. If you are already a smoker, try to discontinue this habit as it would only worsen the psoriasis even further. It has been observed that on discontinuing smoking the psoriasis lesions tend to disappear gradually.

Along with smoking, alcohol consumption also needs to be checked as alcohol and psoriasis don’t go together. Even having a small quantity of alcohol can cause immense damage and intensify the psoriasis.

Research shows that the pustular psoriasis on the feet and palms is affected by smoking to a great degree. Quitting smoking completely immediately shows results by the diminishing of the red psoriasis patches. If you wish to control the flare-ups of psoriasis and relieve yourself from agony and pain you have no choice but to get rid off your smoking and alcohol consumption.

Psoriasis patients experience haphazard symptoms. Some days can be quite tolerable while some may be completely agonizing. There is no definite cure for this severe skin disease. Scientific advancements have brought about many latest cures for relieving psoriasis. You can now not only manage psoriasis effectively but also control its spread to a very large degree.

Psoriasis does not have a single cure that would suit all patients. Dermatologists would take into account your sex, age, lifestyle, health condition and the extent psoriasis has spread to be able to give a proper diagnosis. The correct diagnosis would help the doctor in prescribing the treatment that would give the best results possible.

Psoriasis is greatly affected by the state of your mind. Any stress can trigger of a flare-up of your psoriasis. Hence, having a positive attitude in life is the key to have a healthy body. Keep all negative elements away from your mind. If you want to cure psoriasis do not ignore the link between smoking and psoriasis. Quit smoking and keep psoriasis under control significantly. Be positive and stay healthy.

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