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Less Scary But More Hazardous?

These ugly little white spots on your face might look a bit less scary than the blackheads, but believe me, they are more hazardous and a result of a greater malfunction.

Well, these whiteheads are caused when the hardened sebum or oil get accumulated in the skin. Since the clogged grease does not get oxidized due to exposure to air, the color doesn’t turn black.

If you happen to have whiteheads, you should immediately take to deep pore cleansing. Use a mixture of beauty grains and skin tonic to help you, since the gentle dermabrasive works softly on your skin and finally dislodges the whiteheads over a specific period of time.

In addition, never try to remove whiteheads forcibly, even with a black extractor. You might just end up scarring the skin in the process. In the case of milia, as they are also known, the pores are not open and hence, forcible removal will only add to the problem.

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