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Knowing The Basics Of Psoriasis

Psoriasis is a persistent but a non-contagious skin disease. Reasons for acquiring psoriasis are not identified. Some people may not have visible symptoms of psoriasis while others develop red skin rashes. This red flaking skin is called psoriatic plaque. Psoriatic plaque is the area of the skin where there is inflammation and excess skin production. The skin tends to gather in these patches and becomes silvery in color. Plaques are usually found on the knees, elbows and any part of the body such as the genitals, soles, palms, scalp and joints.

Psoriasis is a long lasting and recurrent condition of the skin. The range of this ailment varies depending on the individual. Psoriasis causes nail dystrophy affecting the nails on of the feet and hands. Some joints of the body will swell causing psoriatic arthritis. Of all the people suffering from psoriasis, 10 to 15 percent of them have psoriatic arthritis.

People with dry skin are easily affected with Psoriasis than people with suitably moisturized or oily skin. Psoriasis may also occur in a scratchy skin post any injury on the skin like a cut or a scratch. This will result in what we commonly call the Koebner phenomenon. Dry skin is bereft of the oil which protects any infections from attacking the skin. Consequently, persons who have dry skins are at risk of having psoriasis as the psoriasis-causing microorganism can easily grow on dry skin conditions.

Athlete’s foot and Psoriasis are two different things. Psoriasis is caused by dry skin conditions while athlete’s foot is a fungal infection that develops due to wet skin conditions. Different from eczema, psoriasis is infections are visible on the external surfaces of the joints. On the other hand, Psoriasis has infective microbes which results in swelling, rashes and having a scratchy skin. This causes the skin to dry even further as the microbe takes in the moisture of the skin leaving it drier than before.

If you wish to prevent psoriasis you should avoid the usage of shower scrubs. Shower scrubs not only leave scratches on the skin but also cause abrade off the natural skin oils. After taking a bath you can use talcum powder. The extra moisture on the skin can be soaked up by talc avoiding fungal infection. Moisturizers are good for the skin because it keeps the oil glands functioning, keeping the skin moist and infection free.

Although we are very clear about the definition of psoriasis, its causes are not yet clear. Genes or having a previous injury maybe the cause of this. Factors like withdrawal of systemic corticosteroid, stress, smoking, extreme alcohol consumption may worsen psoriasis. A number of medications are readily available for psoriasis but it is difficult to eradicate due to its persistence.

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