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Is Ulticaria Dangerous?

Any form of malfunction of the body immediately presents itself in the form of various diseases, ailments and even allergies. Though it might not be visible easily, yet there is a certain specific cause for each of the [physical ailments we suffer from.

Urticaria is one such skin allergy, which though not very hazardous or fatal, can turn into a major skin complication. Urticaria is basically a skin allergy that can last from a few hours to a whopping few days. Foods, food additives and medicines mostly cause this form of allergy. The most common sign of urticaria is a nettle rash that appears on the body, accompanied by red, swollen and itchy welts that can be present anywhere on the body.

Urticaria is generally a short-lived but an intense form of skin allergy. Generally, its complications only reach up to the levels of discomfort. However, in case the allergy reaches the near the esophagus or other such organs, it can actually prove dangerous.

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