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Is There A Psoriasis Arthritis Connection?

Some people say that there is a connection that links psoriasis with arthritis. Is there really a psoriasis arthritis connection or is it just a rumor that psoriasis sufferers came up with to explain the arthritis-like symptoms they seem to suffer from after they have psoriasis? If this psoriasis arthritis connection does exist, how does one go about getting a cure for such a problem?

Psoriasis in itself is already a pretty troublesome disease, and with the additional complications that come with arthritis, the situation can be very much worse. A person suffering from a psoriasis arthritis problem will probably experience more than just the usual scaling that psoriasis brings, but he might also have to live with the pain that arthritis gives to people who are afflicted by it. This psoriasis arthritis link is actually more than a rumor or a myth, and it is actually an ailment called psoriatic arthritis, or arthritis that is brought about by psoriasis. This illness is often characterized by a swelling of the joints in the areas of the body that are commonly affected by psoriasis, and these may include the knees, fingers, elbows and even the spine.

While a person suffering from psoriatic arthritis usually experiences the pain that is brought about by arthritis in only one part of the body, it is also possible that he will feel pain in multiple joints. Psoriatic arthritis rarely affects more than one part of a person’s body, but when it does, you can look for treatments that are available for this kind of arthritis. Such treatments are usually the same treatments that are used for arthritis sufferers, and they may include bed rest, splints on the affected joints, rehabilitation and arthritis medication.

The process by which a person gets diagnosed with psoriasis arthritis is usually pretty tricky. Most of the time, doctors cannot easily differentiate this kind of arthritis from rheumatoid arthritis, and there are no tests available to help distinguish one from the other. The way doctors diagnose psoriatic arthritis is through the careful observation of the affected parts. For example, if the fingers of a person are affected by psoriasis arthritis, it is known that only the joints of the areas that are affected are swollen. With the psoriasis arthritis variant, you will find that the entire finger that is beset with the pain of arthritis is swollen instead of only the joints. Another way that doctors can surmise whether a person may be suffering from psoriatic arthritis is to ask if there is a history of psoriasis in his family; since psoriasis is hereditary, it can eventually lead to a diagnosis of psoriatic arthritis.

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