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Is Angioedma Same As Ulticaria?

As is the case with a lot of skin allergies, both urticaria and angioedema reflect almost similar symptoms. Infact, this is the reason why there is often a mix-up between the two.

To begin with, urticaria in itself is a form of allergy that might be caused due to a number of factors such as food products, food additives, aeroallergens, insect bites and infections. Having a nettle rash as the most conspicuous symptom, urticaria is a very common form of skin allergy.

On the other hand, angioedema is a very typical form of urticaria, having the main symptoms of swelling on the face, more particularly on the lips, eyelids, a few of the mucous membranes and various other parts of the body, along with a painful and burning sensation. Generally speaking, angioedma is often more severe than urticaria and can even last longer than this form of allergy.

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