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Is Alcohol Harmful For Your Skin?

You might not have realized it yet, but your skin is one of the most sensitive organs you have. Any negative input in your body, whether physical or psychological has a direct impact on your skin and starts showing immediately. An individual facing a lot of stress in life will give an expression that simply says it all.

That is exactly why alcohol is absolutely a taboo for those have a keenness for a glowing and healthy skin. To talk of it scientifically, alcohol cuts off the supply o f vitamin A to the body. This further leads to the decrease in the role of skin as a defense against bacteria and infections.

Besides, this vitamin A is also used by the body to help in generation of new cells required to replace the dead ones. This lack of essential nutrients further leads to formation of harmful freer radicals, slowly damaging the elastic fibers and collagen, which keep the skin strong and flexible.

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