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Homemade Dry Skin Care Remedies

Dry skin is something that may not be easily noticeable at first. As time goes on, a person with dry skin may actually feel itchy spots in his or her skin and may actually see dry patches of skin. Homemade dry skin care is one of the ways to help dry skin recover from all that dryness. The main benefit of homemade dry skin care is the lesser cost of customizing one’s skin care remedies. While homemade dry skin care remedies may consist of single or several ingredients, the important thing is to find out which remedy works best for the individual.

Oils And Essential Oils

Both olive oil and almond oil are notable for their moisturizing factors. These may not be easily found in any skin care cream but there are cosmetic products that do include these. These are not actually homemade since they can be store bought but the application of either oil can be done at home. Ideally, either almond oil or olive oil is massaged on the face every night for people with dry skin. This homemade dry skin care routine should be done sparingly since excessive oil in the face may lead to blemishes and undesirable reactions.

Other oils that are supposedly beneficial when massaged unto the face or any other dry skin areas are castor oil, avocado oil, grape seed oil and lavender oil. These are likewise massaged into the dry skin for optimum results.


Oatmeal is an ingredient that can be found in many homemade dry skin care mixtures that can be used to ease dry skin. Oatmeal should be cooked to a firm consistency before it can be applied to the face or any other dry part of the skin. Ideally, the homemade dry skin care mix should also have honey in it to be bale to moisturize and effectively clean the skin. Mashed avocado with about a tablespoon of fresh lime juice is also another homemade dry skin care remedy that many people swear by. Similarly to that of the homemade dry skin care oatmeal mix, it should be at a consistency where it does not easily fall of the face when it is applied. Peanuts (about 5 tablespoons) and a teaspoon of homey combined with milk can be blended together to make a paste that is one of the sure fire homemade dry skin care remedies.

These homemade dry skin care remedies are effective for many people. The important thing is to find out which one works best for each individual.

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