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Herbal Psoriasis Treatment: Evening Primrose Oil, And More

The best way to find the best herbal psoriasis treatment is to search the Internet which is a means that will certainly throw up limitless hits regarding such a treatment option. As a matter of fact, it is also worth noting that herbal psoriasis treatment options are gaining more widespread recognition amongst patients of this skin disorder and these treatment methods are fast becoming a part of modern cultures in countries all across the world. Many more people have begun to realize the many benefits of using alternative and herbal psoriasis treatment methods.

Last Resort

However, herbal psoriasis treatment is also a last resort – something that has to be tried out when other options have failed to yield the desired results. Many times, standard and traditional means of treating psoriasis cannot provide the right benefits. It is also quite interesting to learn about how as early as the year 1993; the New England Journal of Medicine revealed some interesting findings related to using herbal psoriasis treatment. According to this prestigious journal, fish oil as a supplement could be tried in order to get desirable results.

In any case, using herbal psoriasis treatment in the form of Evening Primrose oil too is another option – though, it must be admitted that this is not the best one either. Nevertheless, Evening Primrose oil continues to be used by people all around the world.

Shark cartilage is another herbal psoriasis treatment option, especially Psoriasis AE 941 that is an extract of shark cartilage that has proven to be rather effective in treating this condition; ongoing clinical trials should help to shed more light as to exactly how much benefit psoriasis patients can expect to get from taking extract of shark cartilage. At the very least, extract of shark cartilage will not allow new blood vessels to form, which in turn will prevent the formation or progression of lesions that in turn are typical signs of a psoriasis condition.

The most popular herbal psoriasis treatment option seems to be Oregano oil; in addition, vitamins, turmeric and even St. John’s Wort have also been used to treat psoriasis – with mixed results. What’s more, cultures in the Eastern parts of the world have different takes on herbal psoriasis treatment options as compared to what their Western counterparts believe. The latter believe that a permanent cure for psoriasis is as yet unknown; people in the East believe that herbal psoriasis treatment options can do maximum to cure and control psoriasis.

Plaque psoriasis is a most common form of psoriasis, which for long was even believed to be a leprosy condition. It must however be said that most herbal psoriasis treatment options will help to detoxify the blood and will therefore prove their worth when used to treat psoriasis.

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