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Help For Dark Under Eye Circles

Dark under eye circles are a very common problem, gaining popularity only next to the problem of acne. The main culprits causing this include lack of sleep, fatigue, stress, dietary deficiency and diseases.

The most important and effective solution for this problem is to gain proper sleep. Experts advise having a minimum eight hours of sound sleep in order to keep yourself fit. Besides, these circles also have to be treated very carefully in terms of cosmetics since the skin around the eyes is very sensitive.

Follow a night regimen everyday to cure yourself of this particular skin problem. First cleanse your eyes with a rehydrant gel and moist cotton wool. Apply a suitable eye cream gently and wipe off after short gap of time. No cream should be left around the eyes to avoid any damage.

Food products like almonds have excellent therapeutic properties and creams containing such ingredients are especially good for the dark circles.

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