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Headed In The Right Direction: Scalp Psoriasis Cure

Psoriasis is a skin disorder that affects millions of individuals around the world. This particular non-contagious skin disorder is characterized by red patches or lesions that appear on the skin. In addition, these lesions take on a silvery white appearance. The silvery white appearance is caused by an accumulation of dead skin cells. These dead skin cells are called scale.

Additionally, psoriasis can appear on various parts of the human body specifically, some of those areas where psoriasis can be located include the face, hands, feet, nails or the genital area.

Another common location for psoriasis to inflict an individual is the scalp area. Therefore, because at least half of the individuals who have psoriasis have the infliction on their scalp it may be beneficial to talk about scalp psoriasis and a scalp psoriasis cure.

What Is Scalp Psoriasis?

As with all other conditions of psoriasis found on various locations of the body, scalp psoriasis is caused when skin cells develop and grow too rapidly which cause red lesions on the top of the head or scalp. When this occurs a condition known as scaling develops.

In addition, scalp psoriasis can cover a number of ranges in severity. These levels of severity can range from very mild cases to very severe instances of scalp psoriasis. The levels of intensity are defined as very minute scaling which characterizes a mild psoriasis condition to a severe case of psoriasis characterized by heavy scaling. This heavy scaling can be defined as thick and crusted plaques which spread out over the entire scalp.

Also, the associated psoriasis found on this particular part of the body can extend down the back of the neck and around the ears or can move forward over the hairline and down to the forehead. Often individuals who have scalp psoriasis are also inflicted with this skin condition on other parts of the body.

Various Scalp Psoriasis Cures

Because this condition can be very unsightly and because of the discomfort that it causes it is important to know what various scalp psoriasis cures are available. The first part in any scalp psoriasis cure treatment process is to remove the buildup of scaling.

This build up scaling or the accumulation of dead skin can be accomplished by using a medication known as a keratolytic. Generally, a keratoyltic is comprised of a number of active ingredients. Some of these ingredients could include salicylic acid, lactic acid, phenol or urea. Once this medication has been applied it is important that the medication remain on the scalp for the recommended period of time. Generally, this recommended time is an overnight process. Once the timeframe has elapsed the individual simply needs to wash away the scales that have been loosened from the medication process.

Once this step has been completed a medication can then be applied to the affected area. Often this medication is given to the patient through a prescription process by the attending physician. Examples of this medication that can be applied as a scalp psoriasis cure can include products such as anthralin and Tazorac.

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