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Gorgeous Eyes Start With Chanel Cosmetics Eyeshadow

Chanel cosmetics have the power to make you look and feel wonderful by helping improve your skin and hide tiny imperfections. With Chanel makeup, you can hide the negative and emphasize your favorite features such as eyes or lips. Although everyone’s eyes are a different shape and color, when properly applied, Chanel cosmetics eyeshadow accentuates the eyes making them look spectacular. The biggest problem many women experience when applying eye makeup is how to apply their Chanel cosmetics eyeshadow properly so it enhances their eyes and makes them your faces focal point. Your eye makeup choice of colors and techniques should suite your eyes color and shape. Here are some tips on how to apply your Chanel cosmetics eyeshadow.

• Any time you use more than one eyeshadow color such as a base, main and highlight colors, put the base on first, the main color, and then the highlighter, blending well. Do not apply heavy layers of eye shadow or color on the brow bone because it will make you look older and out of fashion. Apply a little highlighter on the brow bone to make your eyes stand out beautifully and naturally.

• In the daytime, use neutral or lighter shades of Chanel cosmetics eyeshadow for a fresh, natural look. Experiment with your eveningwear eyeshadow when bolder colors and stronger shades will not look out of place. Against the lower eyelashes, darker eyeshadow in a thin layer gives a sophisticated yet dramatic look.

• Chanel cosmetics makeup brushes are perfect. Use a round, fluffy brush for eyeshadow over the entire lid, and a flat, sloped brush for each shade.

• Older people or those with oily skin should only use power-based eyeshadow, as cream accentuates any fine lines and will not remain on as well as Chanel cosmetics powder eyeshadow.

• To make your eyes appear bigger than they are, apply a light colored eyeshadow on the inner corner and a darker colored eyeshadow on the middle lid area.

• Neutral eyeshadow shades like beiges and browns look very natural while shades such as green and blue are more dramatic but look artificial and more suited for eveningwear.

• If you smudge a soft brown colored eyeshadow on your eyelid, it creates a natural, wide-eyed look.

• The key for daytime wear is blending, moderation, and simplicity when applying Chanel cosmetics shadow.

• You can use dark eyeshadow as a liner by using a thin, fine tipped brush.

Chanel cosmetics eyeshadow will accentuate your eyes producing natural but gorgeous results.

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