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Get Rid of Skin Dryness with the Dry Skin Care Tips

Dryness in skin is a very common problem among many of us. Often, our skin looks scaly and dry for unknown reasons. But, there are a few things that you can do regularly to get away with this problem of skin dryness. Make use of the following dry skin care tips and get your skin rejuvenated with ease.

Effective 10 Dry Skin Care Tips

Impose a Ban on Hot Water Baths

This is the most primary dry skin care tip that has proven to be very utile.
Hot water baths tend to damage the lipid blocks on the upper layer of the skin surfaces thereby making the skin prone to extreme dryness. Stay away from such hot water baths and resort to bathing in lukewarm water.

Limit Your Shower Time

Staying in water for a long time during shower can further aggravate skin dryness. If you have a very dry skin, try to finish your shower within a 3-5 minute timeframe.

Use Quality Moisturizers

Moisturizers that contain glycerin, hyaluronic acid, lanolin, petrolatum and dimethocone tend to soothe the dry skin. When choosing toners, stringers and astringents for you, make sure that they are not alcohol based due to the fact that alcohol facilitates dryness on skin. Oily skin care tips have subtle differences from the dry skin care tips discussed her.

Stay Hydrated

Drink lots of water. If your skin surface is deprived of fluid content, then there is every possibility for your skin to appear dry and scaly.

Make use of Room Humidifiers

During winter, the centralized heaters at home give out a blast of hot air which is often deficient in humidity. This paves way to skin dryness. To combat such scenarios, you can opt to hook on humidifiers at home which can retain humidity in the atmosphere around.

Beware of the Constituents of Skin care Products

Phytessence Wakame and Nano Lipobelle are a couple of critical ingredients in cosmetic products that can help soothe dry skin. Wakame is of Japanese origin andenhances the lasticity of the skin. Nano lipobelle is believed to penetrate into 7 layers of the skin surface and aid in collagen and elastin production under the skin.

Stay away from clay base skin care products for that would grab the moisture content of the skin thereby making it even drier.

Resort to Skin Massages

Yet another utile dry skin care tip is opting for skin massages using coconut oil/olive oil, which is considered to be one of the best measures of dry skin care

Opt for Home Remedies

Applying mashed paste of banana on the skin surface is one measure of keeping dry skin at bay. A mix of egg yolk, a few drops of orange and lime juice with a bit of water when applied on skin regularly helps in soothing the dry skin remarkably. These usually form the core of dry skin care tips for the benefits that they offer in reality.

Avoid Scratching

Scratching due to persistent itching would be no avail. It would further lead to acne related problems which can cause untellable discomfort. Massaging with oil can be the best panacea in cases of severe itching.

Say ‘No’ to Bar Soaps and Opt for Creamy Body Wash Gels

Bar soaps render dry skin. Creamy gel based shower creams with aloe vera and shea butter can be soothing and would helping getting away with skin dryness in the long run.

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